mission and vision

ATI Ceramics Limited believes their mission is to ensure better life through better medicine and the patients to lead a healthier life.

Mission Statement & Vision

  • Adherence to the cGMP regulations

  • Quality Assurance medicines throughout manufacturing operations

  • To Have strict SOP for assurance of the identity, strength, quality, and purity of drug products

  • To deliver medicine to patients in best form of dose and efficacy


ATI Ceramics Limited since its inception adopted and established strong quality management systems, from procuring raw material to delivery. The management of the company has always emphasized on procurement of the raw material from the best source with appropriate quality. The managements’ top priority was to establish robust SOP in order to detect and investigate product quality and maintaining reliability by testing in its laboratory for any quality deviations.

For continuous improvement, the company had been vigilant and proactive in adopting modern technologies, scientifically sound design, processing methods, and testing procedures in order to achieve higher quality.

Marketing Strategies of ATI Ceramics Limited

  • Identifying effective products for local markets

  • Development of the product and service portfolio

  • Ensuring timely and targeted communication by using modern information technology

  • Providing quality medicine to the remotest corners of the country

ATI Ceramics Limited has created full time employment for Doctors, Chemists, Pharmacists, Engineers, Technicians and others professionals.

ATI Ceramics Limited is committed to bring together qualified personnel to build an effective organization for delivering quality service and products to its customers and patients.